Reliance 03

One Product – 5 Programmes

Reliance O3 is intelligent portable Ozone room disinfection and sanitisation system with an exclusive ‘shock to safe’ system by which it not only creates the ozone for disinfection, but it also deactivates it, leaving the disinfected sites ready to be occupied immediately.

Reliance Ocovers all room sizes; from the smallest pantry or WC to the largest dressing room, and includes; nursing homes,  hotel bedrooms and school classrooms.

The unit comes with 5 pre-programmed cycles based on the square meterage of a room.

To get the square meterage of a room; simply multiply the length of the room by the width of the room by the height of the room (LxWxH).  Check  your room size on our area calculator page

Programme 1
30-minute cycle total up to 30 m3

Programme 2
40-minute cycle total up to 50 m3

Programme 3
60-minute cycle total up to 80 m3

Programme 4,
90-minutes cycle total up to 100 m3

Programme 5
100-minute cycle total up to 240 m3

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