Reliance O3 - Worldwide Patent Pending

Intelligent portable Ozone room disinfection and sanitisation system

Reliance O3 is intelligent portable Ozone room disinfection and sanitisation system with an exclusive ‘shock to safe’ system. It not only creates the ozone for disinfection, but it also deactivates it, leaving the disinfected sites ready to be occupied immediately.

Our Unique Design has been developed to provide a high concentration of ozone to provide a shock effect to a given size room to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odours.

Reliance O3 has a built in LED warning system and audio alert system to warn people to stay clear of the room.  It also has a built-in sensor that will only stop when ozone has reached a safe level or when a set time as elapsed making it safe for people to re-enter.

Reliance O3 is designed and built in Ireland using in-house expertise to bring you the most effective, intelligent safe and reliable Ozone generator on the market, at a price that makes it accessible for all.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a naturally occurring product. It is formed by either a photochemical reaction or a bio-electrical reaction. In a photochemical reaction, oxygen molecules are split with an ultraviolet light. The split oxygen atoms (O1) then join normal oxygen molecules (O2) to form ozone molecules (O3).

How it Deactivates Viruses

  • The mechanism of action of ozone on viruses is not that  of destruction, but of an inactivation; the action of ozone  consists of an oxidation and inactivation of the receptors  that specific viruses use when linking with the cell wall  under attack.
  • This blocks the viral reproduction mechanism in its’ first phase: cellular invasion.
  • Scientific Studies on the effectiveness of ozone against viruses have shown that the treatment of environments of 65m 3 at room temperature (20°C) and humidity (40% RH) with small gaseous ozone generators for an  hour led to 99,9% reduction in viruses including Influenza  viruses (N3N2), Murine Coronavirus (MCV), Poliovirus, Rhinovirus type 1A and 14, Yellow Fever Virus, Herpes  Simplex Virus, Adenovirus Type 3 and 11, and Norovirus

Studies on Ozone as an efficient eliminator of Viruses


Development of a Practical Method for Using Ozone Gas as a Virus Decontaminating Agent


Inactivation of surface viruses by gaseous ozone


Inactivation of surface viruses by gaseous


Inactivation of Norovirus by ozone gas in conditions relevant to healthcare

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Is Ozone Safe?

Ozone automatically reverts to oxygen molecules within a period of twenty minutes, making this form of oxidant very safe and environmentally friendly. It is non-carcinogenic, non-polluting, and does not leave any toxic residues after usage. It poses less of a danger than many common household products, such as bleach and cleaning products.

Medical Practices
Nursing Homes
Homeless shelters
Sports clubs
Beauty Centres
Hair Salons
Vet Practices / Grooming